Turnkey - Online store


Together LianaTechnologies and Digizer can provide you a ready-made service package that includes everything you need for setting up and maintaining an online shop.



LianaCommerce by LianaTechnologies is a versatile online store platform where you can easily maintain a mobile-optimized and impressive online store. LianaTechnologies services also include:

  • LianaMailer -newsletter platform
  • Liana CMS -website platform
  • Liana CEM -marketing automation system
  • PR Cloud -tool

Why LianaCommerce?

  • Your online store will be built ready for you to use
  • Access to LianaTechnologies support services and continuous product development to support your store
  • Effective marketing possibilities: Your online store integrates seamlessly with marketing tools LianaMailer and LianaCEM


Why Digizer?

  • Comprehensive selection of services for e-commerce
  • Outsource some or all of your core functions to save time and money and focus on developing your business
  • Professional e-commerce specialists at your service


How can we help your business?

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